Dennis DeVries
Teacher / Filmmaker

With passion, patience, and expertise I create content that accomplishes specific educational, commercial, and entertainment goals.
My areas of deep interest are education, human progress, Earth, art, science, sports, music, and civil rights.

Professional History:
After achieving a degree in documentary media production and several years of teaching, I entered the professional broadcast space.

I began by managing a studio and recording sound for HBO Sports, MTV, BET, ESPN, NBC, PBS, The NHL, Fox Sports, and Oliver Stone.
I was all ears while my eyes studied each production.

After several years of sound, I began shooting for the Learning Channel, The Style Network, LOGO, and any doc work that came my way.
The shooter's path dominated my career for several years while I produced and edited select projects, notably for Sesame Street Workshop and CurrentTV.

In 2008 I began producing, directing, and editing branded content.
In this capacity I moved in-house to become a full-time Producer, Director, Editor, and ultimately the Head of Film at a high performance PR/Creative agency in New York.

I have extensive experience managing teams and creating high impact high return content for a wide range of clients such as:
Microsoft, Casio, Levi's, Dr. Martens, Rockport, Coca-Cola, Reebok, Bing, UCSC, Omnia, and Nike.

Current Status:
I am working on a feature-length documentary while teaching at-risk youth in San Francisco.
I have a large network of producers, crew, and working creatives throughout the world. Feel free to reach out for recommendations.

To learn more about the feature documentary, Humilité, click the trailer link on menu bar above.
To start a conversation or view specific projects feel to reach out via email or LinkedIn.

Kind Regards,