Dennis DeVries
Producer / Director / Shooter / Sound / Editor / Documentary Filmmaker

With passion, patience, and expertise I create content that accomplishes specific educational, commercial, and journalistic goals.

My areas of deep interest are education, human progress, Earth, science, technology, sports, music, and civil rights.

I am comfortable creating content that ranges from 5 seconds to 104 minutes and integrates multiple mediums and formats.


I began my career managing a studio and recording sound for HBO Sports, MTV, BET, ESPN, NBC, PBS, The NHL, Fox Sports, and Oliver Stone.
I was all ears while my eyes studied each production.

After several years of sound, I began shooting for the Learning Channel, The Style Network, LOGO, and any doc work that came my way.
The shooter's path dominated my career for several years while I produced and edited select projects, notably for Sesame Street Workshop and CurrentTV.

In 2008 I began producing, directing, and editing branded content.
In this capacity I moved in-house to become a full-time Producer, Director, Editor, and ultimately the Head of Film at a high performance PR/Creative agency in New York.

I have extensive experience managing teams and creating high impact high return content for a wide range of clients such as:
Microsoft, Casio, Levi's, Dr. Martens, Rockport, Coca-Cola, Reebok, Bing, UCSC, Omnia, and Nike.


I have taught classes, built departments, and continuously create engaging and effective content.
I am available for ideation, full production, post-production, and production supervision.

Thank You,
Dennis DeVries